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FITA Magazine Vol. I / Invisible Atlas

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The person who gave us the coordinates for this epic was Marco Polo, through the imaginative words he proffered in The Invisible Cities, written by the renowned Italo Calvino. There, Venice assumes the role of the eternal and unique city, a bastion of imagination and creativity, a place without borders, just as art should be. As Calvino writes in the same book: “The shortest distance between two points is not the straight line but a zigzag.”

Cover Photograph: Francisca Gigante, Santa Maria Formosa, Venice, 2019

Chapter 01 / Intricate Canals

- The Venice Doors Tale I, Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Encounter With The Other, Interview to John Romão by Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves
- Blu, Sophia Trouvala
- Inhabited By The Invisible, Anouchka Gerard

Chapter 02 / Winds Of Change

- The Venice Doors Tale II, Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Bookshelves Of Alexandria’s New Library, Interview to Alberto Manguel by Francisco Teles da Gama
- Therein Lies The Rub, Zé Bernardo da Fonseca
- Venice Biennale and documenta in Kassel: Nationalism and Internationalism Crossroads, Francisca Gigante

Chapter 03 / Timeless Notes

- The Venice Doors Tale III, Francisco Teles da Gama
- The New Fitzgerald, Interview to Nick Waterhouse by Francisco Teles da Gama
- Echoes, Reginna Zhidov
I Need To Talk, Madalena Pequito
- Pousio, Arts and Culture in Brotéria, Cultural Center

Chapter 04 / Professional Apogee

- The Venice Doors Tale IV, Francisco Teles da Gama
- Sculpture Between Ancient Greece And Contemporary France, Interview to Léo Caillard by Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Invisible Power Of Museums: A Brief Consideration, Maria João Vasconcelos
- Body-Smoke, Juliana Matsumura x Tarimba Collective

Chapter 05 / Through The Doors

- The Venice Doors Tale V, Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Boston Writer’s Jazz Solo, Interview to Amor Towles by Francisco Teles da Gama
- Bóreas, Mikha-ez and Beatriz Arce Adrados
- Ineffable: A Pen Pal Journey, Madalena Silva

Chapter 06 / Artistic Confluences

- The Venice Doors Tale VI, Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Creative Room, Interview to A.topos Venice Curatorial Collective by Francisca Gigante
- Éducation Européenne, Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves
The Non-Commercial Film Exhibition Sector in Portugal, Marta Miranda, Helena Santos and Ana Luísa Barbosa
- Memory As Ash In W. G. Sebald: An Itinerary Through Space, Maysa Aquino

Chapter 07 / Brickwork

- The Venice Doors Tale VII, Francisco Teles da Gama
Lifechanging International Internship Program, Interview toThe Education Department At The Peggy Guggenheim Collection by Francisca Gigante
- Creativity Is A Healing Practice: A Personal Story About The Artist’s Way And The Connections That Hold Us, Hold Me, Together, Jillane Buryn
- Who Is Afraid Of The Museum Of The Future? The Educational Role Of Contemporary Art Museums Between Pandemics, Mariana Martins de Oliveira

Francisca Gigante
Francisco Teles da Gama

Research & Development Editors
Catarina Correia Neves
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves

Editorial Designer
Francisca Nunes

Typography Designer
Diana Maria d’Orey

Proofread & Editing
Anna Gussoni

Madalena Corrêa Mendes
Timo Kuilder

Arianna Ferraretto
Francesca Roche

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FITA Magazine Vol. I / Invisible Atlas / Venice 2021 / ISSN 2184-9099 / Legal Deposit 492990/21 / English Language / Cover 250 gr / Pages 100 gr / 160 Pages / Cover Francisca Gigante

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FITA Magazine Vol. I / Invisible Atlas

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