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FITA Magazine Vol. III / Star Portraits

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Our steps through London’s fairy atmosphere are crowned by Georg Friedrich Haendel’s symphony, which accompanies the cadence of our artistic aspirations. We are guided by the words and instructions of Virginia Woolf’s diary, which warns us “The streets of London have their map, by your passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?”

Cover Photograph: Elena Njoabuzia Onwochei-Garcia, Unknown Girl, Un Mestizo, Oil on canvas, 77 x 61 cm, 2020

Chapter 01 / The Birds, Daphne du Maurier

The French Dispatch Lead Graphic Designer, Interview to Erica Dorn by Francisca Gigante and Francisco Teles da Gama
- Portraits Of The Invisible, Elena Onwochei-Garcia
- John Berger: Ways Of Portraying, Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves
- Reframing Narratives: Women In Portraiture, National Portrait Gallery

Chapter 02 / The Human Factor, Graham Greene

- The Head Of Conservation At The V&A Museum, Interview to Pedro Gaspar by Francisco Teles da Gama
- Old Master Painting Studies, Reginna Zhidov
- Portrait As A Provisional Possession Of An Image, Tiago Leonardo
- Ode To Summers In Berlin, Daniela Baiardi

Chapter 03 / The Waves, Virginia Woolf

- The Eternal Professor Of The History Of Collecting, Interview to Elizabeth Pergam by Francisca Gigante
- Kima, Karen Paulina Biswell
- (My) Mother, Catarina Gentil
- Portraits Of Júlio Pomar: Maps Of Relationships, Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar, Sara Antónia Matos and Pedro Faro

Chapter 04 / A Handful of Dust, Evelyn Waugh

- The Poet At The Cinema, Interview to Pedro Mexia by Francisco Teles da Gama
- Poem for Two Acts, José Bernardo da Fonseca
- The Ana Paganini Museum And The Dennis Severs’ House, Ana Paganini
- Masterpieces From Buckingham Palace, Royal Collection Trust

Chapter 05 / White Teeth, Zadie Smith

- Manifesting Empowerment Through Black Female Bodies, Interview to Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark by Francisca Gigante
- POSTAL — Urban Portraits of Immigration, Sâmia Siqueira and Incubadora DAO
- Landscape Of Plastic: Fatima Mohammed’s The Waste Land,
Lina Patmali
- Phantasmagoria And The Invisible Beings, Maria Francisca de Abreu Afonso

Chapter 06 / A Room With A View, E.M. Forster

- The Director Of Studios Hergé, Interview to Nick Rodwell by Francisco Teles da Gama
- The Women Of My Life, Cláudia Cibrão
- Violeta, Andrea Paz
- Sage Comme Une Image, Horácio Frutuoso
- Strings And Graphic Artwork On Clay Court, Millennium Estoril Open

Chapter 07 / Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

- The Senior Curator Of Modern And Contemporary British Art At Tate Britain, Interview to Elena Crippa by Francisca Gigante
- Hold Your Hands And Dance In Circles: May I Have This Dance?, Madalena Corrêa Mendes
- Landscapes Turned Into Bodies, Zahra Holm
- At Midnight the Artists Woke Up Anozero’21-22, Coimbra Biennial of Contemporary Art

Francisca Gigante
Francisco Teles da Gama

Research & Development Editors
Zé Bernardo da Fonseca
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves

Editorial Designer
Maria Francisca de Abreu Afonso

Proofread & Editing
Filipa Pereira Coutinho
Nuno Abreu e Lima

Photography & Illustration
Madalena Corrêa Mendes
Ana Paganini

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FITA Magazine Vol. III / Star Portraits / London 2022 / ISSN 2184-9099 / Legal Deposit 492990/21 / English Language / Cover 250 gr / Pages 100 gr / 134 Pages / Cover Elena Njoabuzia Onwochei-Garcia, Unknown Girl, Un Mestizo Oil on canvas, 77 x 61 cm, 2020

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FITA Magazine Vol. III / Star Portraits

0 ratings
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