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FITA Magazine Vol. IV / Time Travel

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After Venice, Lisbon and London: we're delighted to share with you all the latest volume of FITA Magazine devoted to the city of Berlin and to the theme of Time Travel.

This is an invitation to embark on a journey through time, immersing yourself in the essence of revolution. As we navigate the pages of History, the relentless march of the clock unfolds beyond Herodotus and Clio's control, guided by extraordinary artworks that defy the tides and illuminate our path towards the future.

Berlin, a city that has welcomed winds of change, holds a special place in our hearts, particularly as the 1989 youth-led movement tore down the wall that separated them from tomorrow, inspiring us to reflect on other peaceful protests that have rejuvenated entire populations, from the Women's Suffrage Movement of 1897 to the Quit India Movement in 1942, the Student Revolt in 1968, and the Carnation Revolution in 1974—each etching its mark in History.

Cover Photograph: The Technate, Peter Behrbohm & Markus Bühler

Each chapter is devoted to a revolution in History. Discover here who is included in this outstanding travel through time and space:

Chapter 01 / 1897 — Women’s Suffrage Movement

The Voice of a Generation, Interview to Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida by Francisca Gigante [Interview]
- Musica Humana, Francisca Aires Mateus [Artwork]
- (magna mater humanidade), MB de Abreu Afonso [Video-Poetry]
- Bestas, Mané Pacheco [Artwork]
- Ruido / Noise, Karen Lamassone and KW Institute for Contemporary Art [Exhibition]

Chapter 02 / 1942 — Quit India Movement

- The Advocate for Parafiction, Interview to Salomé Lamas by Francisca Gigante [Interview]
- On Being Human as Praxis, Elaine Mitchener, Maerz Musik and Berliner Festspiele [Performance]
- Avulsos, Victor Gonçalves [Artwork]
- Pythagoras’ Hammers: On Science and Aesthetic Concern, José Diogo Simão [Article]
- The Shadow of the Wind, Leonor Neves [Exhibition]
- The Frame, Suu Myint Thein and SomoS Arts [Exhibition]

Chapter 03 / 1968 — Student Revolt

- The Sculptor of the Temporal Dimension, Interview to Carolina Serrano by Francisca Gigante [Interview]
- i. Melting Film (Negativo), ii. Hiatus (Pausa, I. e Pausa, II.), iii. Grapes (Ilha), Guilherme Vilhena Martins [Poetry]
- The Technate — Follow the wires into a dynamic equilibrium among energy-consuming devices, Peter Behrbohm & Markus Bühler [Exhibition]
- The Bifocal Lenses, Francisco Teles da Gama [Article]
- O Testemunho / The Testimony, João Gomes Gago [Artwork]
- Two-Footed Tackle, Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves [Article]
- The Director of São Roque, Interview to Mário Roque by Francisca Gigante and Francisco Teles da Gama [Interview]

Chapter 04 / 1974 — Carnation Revolution

- The Time-Travelling Actor, Interview to José Pimentão by Francisca Gigante and Francisco Teles da Gama [Interview]
- Se Dançar É Só Depois, Ana Lua Caiano [Music]
- Untitled (Human Condition) and the Symptom of the Times, João Motta Guedes [Artwork]
- Fragments of a Revolution, Sahand Sarhaddi [Film]
- Uma Viagem em 3 Tempos / A Journey in 3 Stages, José Bernardo da Fonseca [Poetry]
- The Founder of Lebond Watches, Interview to Asier Mateo by Francisco Teles da Gama [Interview]

Chapter 05 / 1989 — Fall of the Berlin Wall

- The Philosopher of Europe, Interview to Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer by Francisco Teles da Gama [Interview]
- Fleeting, Valentin Goppel [Photography]
- documenta fifteen: postales del futuro, Francisca Gigante [Article]
- Two Soviet Helmets, Isabel Cordovil [Artwork]
- Unter den Linden, Pedro Brum da Silveira [Poetry]

Francisca Gigante
Francisco Teles da Gama

Research & Development Editors
Zé Bernardo da Fonseca
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves

Editorial Designer
Maria Francisca de Abreu Afonso

Proofread & Editing
Filipa Pereira Coutinho
Nuno Abreu e Lima

Photography & Illustration
Madalena Corrêa Mendes
Peter Behrbohm & Markus Bühler

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FITA Magazine Vol. IV / Time Travel / Berlin 2023 / ISSN 2184-9099 / Legal Deposit 492990/21 / English Language / Cover 250 gr / Pages 100 gr / 156 Pages / Cover The Technate, Peter Behrbohm & Markus Bühler

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FITA Magazine Vol. IV / Time Travel

0 ratings
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